Client Support

Options of Payment

  • 1 – To pay for your booking, if you are abroad (not in Argentina), the best option is to use PayPal.
  • 2 – At PayPal, you could use any credit card with no need to have an account.
  • 3 – If you have an account, the procedure is even easier; you just need to make a transfer following the steps you will find at the web page.
  • 4 – If you are in Argentina, you could use Mercado Pago and all the options it offers.
  • 5 – If you wish to make a transfer to our bank account, you should select Mercado Pago option and once you get the payment e-mail respond asking for our account number.
  • 6- If you have any kind of problem with the payment options, please inform our team to receive some indications and complete the payment in cash at our office in Calafate.
  • 7 – Remember to keep the payment receipt and if you do not receive the confirmation email please let us know as soon as possible.

Important Considerations

  • 1 – Make sure you can cope with the required conditions for the selected option.
  • 2 – Once you complete the booking, the system will emit an automatic confirmation. After that, during working hours, you will receive an email with the voucher you need to present at the excursion.
  • 3 – If you completed the payment and did not receive the voucher, please contact us.
  • 4 – Once you get your voucher, please check carefully the time of the tour.
  • 5 – Remember to read terms and conditions.

Booking Procedure

  • 1 – Search for the excursion you wish to hire and make sure it is the right one.
  • 2- Make sure you cope with all the requirements to perform the activity and read everything in detail.
  • 3 – If in any doubts about the tour or reservation you could read de FAQ or get in touch with us ([email protected] – 02902490222)
  • 4- Select dates and number of people. (Please take into consideration that if you select a minor, a picture of the identity number or passport will be requested)
  • 5- Fill the important blanks with rightful information (Hotel information is fundamental for pick-ups, contact information to be able to reach you in case of any modifications, and e-mail address to send you confirmation of booking and the voucher that needs to be presented at the time of the tour)
  • 6- If you wish to add lunch and transfer services (in case they are not included) this is when.
  • 7 – Check your personal information and make sure everything is ok.
  • 8 – Read the Cancellation Policy to know how to proceed and make sure everything is clear.
  • 9- Read and accept terms and conditions if you agree with them.
  • 10- Select your option of payment (PayPal takes all credit cards with no need to have an account)
  • 11- If you select Mercado Pago, you will receive an email a couple of minutes after with a payment button. You can use it to pay with your selected option in between the following 24 hours. Then you need to send the payment receipt to us. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled. (In case of any problem or if in need of more time to complete the payment, please get in touch with us, our team will help you sort it out)
  • 12- Once the payment step is completed, you will get an immediate booking confirmation email.
  • 13- A couple of minutes later during working hours (10 a 20) you will get an email with the voucher. When you do, please check all information is correct: DATE, TIME, HOTEL, NUMBER OF PEOPLE AND TOUR. If you shall find something wrong, please contact us as soon as possible to correct it.
  • 14-The day before the excursion, prepare everything you need to have and check the time once again.